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Lead and Copper Survey

Moffat Water Supply Corporation will be conducting a lead service line inventory due to new EPA/TCEQ regulations. In performing the lead service line inventory, we need to know the material of both the water supply side and the customer owned side of the service line. We are requesting your help with this identification process. Service lines can be made of many different materials such as plastic, copper, HDPE, PEX, galvanized and lead. To complete our inventory, we must record the material composition of your service line and report to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality along with the material of our service line. Moffat WSC is highly confident that we have NO lead service lines on our side of the meter services.

The age of your home may help indicate if a lead service line is present. The lead ban was effective January 1, 1989. The ban prohibited the use of lead in potable water.

If you had a service line installed or replaced and remember when and what it was made of, please let us know by completing this survey. If you don’t know the material composition of your service line, you can perform a visual inspection where it enters your home. We have provided pictures of what these materials look like within the survey. If you are renting, you can ask the owner/manager what the service line material is. They can use the same techniques as listed above.

As we conduct the lead service line inventory, we will use the information you provide as the customer owned portion of the inventory. We will use our records for meter installation and repairs to help conduct our portion of the inventory, we will also be doing visual inspections in and around meter boxes to check material composition of the service lines.

To find more inforamtion and to report your service line material please use our digital survey at moffatwatersupply.com/lead-and-copper-survey or by calling (254) 986-2457.

The lead service line inventory is a huge undertaking for our water system and your help is greatly appreciated. Please complete and return this survey by June 1, 2024.