Lead and Copper Survey

Moffat Water Supply Corporation (water supply) will be conducting a lead service line inventory due to new EPA/TCEQ revised lead and copper rule. In performing the lead service line inventory, we need to know the material of both the water supply side and the customer owned side of the service line. We are requesting your help with this identification process. Service lines can be made of many different materials such as plastic, copper, HDPE, PEX, galvanized and lead. To complete our inventory, we must record the material composition of your service line and report to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality along with the material of our service line. Moffat WSC is highly confident that we have NO lead service lines on our side of the meter services.

The age of your home may help indicate if a lead service line is present. The lead ban was effective January 1, 1989. The ban prohibited the use of lead in potable water.

If you had a service line installed or replaced and remember when and what it was made of, please let us know by completing this survey. If you don’t know the material composition of your service line, you can perform a visual inspection where it enters your home. We have provided pictures of what these materials look like, or you can go to the TCEQ website www.tceq.texas.gov. If you are renting, you can ask the owner/manager what the service line material is. They can use the same techniques as listed above.

As we conduct the lead service line inventory, we will use the information you provide as the customer owned portion of the inventory. We will use our records for meter installation and repairs to help conduct our portion of the inventory, we will also be doing visual inspections in and around meter boxes to check material composition of the service lines.

Please contact us to report your service line material by completing the included form and returning it to our office, or  by using our digital survey at moffatwatersupply.com/lead-and-copper-survey or by scanning the QR code provided on the next page with the camera on your smart phone, or by calling (254) 986-2457.

The lead service line inventory is a huge undertaking for our water system and your help is greatly appreciated. Please complete and return this survey by June 1, 2024.

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Lead and Copper Survey FAQ's

Why is this program being implemented?

Moffat Water Supply Corporation (water supply) will be conducting a lead service line inventory due to new EPA/TCEQ revised lead and copper rule. Lead service lines are the largest source of lead in contact with drinking water. This inventory will help us identify where lines are located for eventual replacement.

The use of lead materials in plumbing was banned in 1986 under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act, and while no main lines within Moffat WSC contain led, it is possible that private (homeowner owned) service lines are made of lead, galvanized steel or contain lead solder.

What causes lead in drinking water?

Lead is typically only detected in water that has traveled through lead service lines, galvanized lines downstream from lead lines, or copper lines with lead solder, lead joints, or lead fittings. Over time, lines can corrode, allowing small amounts of lead to leach into the water.

Does Moffat WSC have lead in its water supply?

No. The water delivered from our main lines does not contain lead. The most common source of lead is from private service lines. Service lines are the small-diameter lines that connect on either side of the water meter.

My home’s service lines were selected for the inventory. Why?

Service line location included in the inventory were selected due to the age of the home or building and the type of materials used to construct lines at the time they were built. Being selected does not indicate that you have lead service lines.

How will I know if my home’s service lines were selected for inventory?

You will receive a survey in the mail or in your email which indicates that you were selected.

What is the difference between a private and public service line?

A public service line is a line that connects the individual water meter to the main located in the street or easement. It is the responsibility of Moffat WSC to manage and maintain. A private service line is the portion of the line that connects the water meter to a home or business.

Will Moffat WSC pay to replace my private service line?

Moffat WSC is prohibited from subsidizing services to individuals. This includes the replacement of private service lines. Federal or state funding may become available to assist homeowners with replacing their private service lines.

What are the side effects of lead?

Side effects of lead may include health complications. For more details and information, visit www.epa.gov

The FAQs didn’t answer my question(s), who can I contact?

For questions not addressed in the FAQs, contact our office between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM by phone at 254-986-2457 or email us at custserv@moffatwatersupply.com.


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